Simple Tips For Fixing A Garage Door Menlo Park

If your garage door¬†Menlo Park is making strange squeaks or it just isn’t working the way it should there are simple things you can do to fix it. Fixing the garage door isn’t for everyone. If the following tips do not seem to resolve the problem you are having, or you feel it they are too dangerous to undertake yourself always consult your local garage door professional to help with fixing a garage door Menlo Park .

The way overhead garage doors work is that they either roll up in sections or they go up in one piece. Either way they operate on springs that are held together with lots of tension. The door itself moves along metal tracks that are installed on a garage wall.

The first step for fixing a garage door is to make sure that the tracks are clean. In fact, you should always have your tracks cleaned regularly so that operation remains smooth and trouble-free. If the tracks are dirty clean them using a household cleaner and just remove any dirt or grease. Make sure to wipe the tracks and the rollers on those tracks thoroughly and don’t use it until they are dry.

Next you want to examine the tracks make sure that there are no dents or been in the metal. Make sure that they are smooth and do not have any flattened spots. If anything does look out of line you can use a rubber mallet or hammer to pound the tracks back into shape.

Your next step is to make sure there is no loose hardware anywhere on the door. If there is you will want to tighten it using a screwdriver. With a roll-up door make sure the hinges that hold the various sections of the door together are intact. If not, replace them.