Tuesday, 18 June 2024 - 09:58 pm
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Garage Door Opener Repair Menlo Park

The Need For Garage Door Opener Repair Menlo Park

Won’t your garage door function properly?

Most homeowners depend on their garage doors to protect their cars. Your family is secured because it will prevent thieves from getting inside your home and steal your belongings. Here are the top 4 problems that your garage door might experience and why you need to services of garage door repair Menlo Park.

Closing Too Slow Or Too Fast

This problem is caused by the breakage of the door’s cables or springs. In this situation, you need to contact a professional door technician to do all the necessary procedures to replace the broken part. Springs have too much tension when it is new that is why an expert must be the one to install it.

Stuck Door

Having a stuck door is the common problem found in automatic garage doors. There are several reasons why your doors are either stuck while it’s closed or opened. You can do all the troubleshooting needed to identify the problem. Check the batteries in your door opener and see if they are still fresh. Another one is to check if something blocks the door sensor, causing your car not to be detected.

Rusted Doors

Always clean your garage doors especially during the winter. The salts and winter road treatments cause your doors to rust and completely damages it. You can also ask your technician if they can recommend a type of paint that will protect your garage doors from the harsh outdoor elements.

Random Opening And Closing Of Door

Isn’t it strange to hear your garage door open during nighttime? There are only two reasons that might happen, either it is broken, or someone is trespassing your home. Make sure that your remote control isn’t accidentally being pressed. There are times that your neighbor’s remote control can open your garage door because of their signal. You can ask an expert to change the frequency signal your remote has to prevent a further problem in the future.

You can do the troubleshooting for some of these problems. But for maximum safety, it’s recommended to call a professional to do all the work for you. These experts are trained for the job. Rest assured that garage door opener repair Menlo Park will be glad to help you with all your garage door problems.